SaiTech Services

New Technology Support

Information Technology will continue to change at a rapid pace in the foreseeable future.  New requirements for IT services embracing advanced technologies are pushing the envelope.  SaiTech has expertise and continues to stay abreast of emerging challenges and technological developments. Supporting Government contracts for 15 years, we were intimately involved with research, evaluation, testing, and implementation of modern technologies.  SaiTech continuously researches new technologies and services, and encourages and rewards employees for any innovative ideas to improve productivity and cost efficiencies.

SaiTech’s Advanced Technology Engineering group implemented Voice over IP (VoIP) Technology at National Space Science Technology Center (NSSTC) in Huntsville, Alabama as early as in Year 2002. Very recently, we have implemented VoIP at NASA JPL for over 5000 users.

We are currently investigating Opportunities and challenges with using Cloud Services for ECM/ERM, -- as a platform for storage of exploding document/content/records volumes with SaaS offerings for many or all of the content management and records management functionalities.