About SaiTech

Corporate Executives and Technical Experience

MangalaMs. Mangala Annambhotla, the founder, President & CEO of SaiTech, brings several years of telecommunications and network engineering and management experience from her work at NASA MSFC in Huntsville, Alabama. She has degrees in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration.  Because of her related technical education, and hands-on technical as well as management experience, she totally understands IT infrastructures and customer requirements.

Mr. Krishna Annambhotla, the company co-founder and Vice President, has previously worked as a Senior Network Engineer, Principal Network Engineer, and Engineering Manager.  He was responsible for NASA’s Wide Area Network architecture development, engineering, and implementation.  He has two master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Telecommunications & Computer Engineering and also Electrical Power Systems. Before joining SaiTech, Krishna worked for high-tech companies such as AT&T Bell Laboratories, Boeing, and Computer Sciences Corporation.

Corporate Executives come with related technical education and bring 30 years of experience in engineering, operations, major IT projects development & implementation on Government Contracts. The two corporate leaders bring a wealth of Information Technology experience.  From their experiences in managing task orders at Federal government installations, they bring a respect for a safe working environment, total customer focus, technical and management excellence, a can-do attitude, and trust in empowering people to perform.