SaiTech Services

Space Operations and Communications Support


SaiTech brings eight years of outstanding experience in supporting NASA JPL Deep Space Network (DSN) and NASA GSFC Space Communications Network Services (SCNS) contracts.
Supporting JPL DSN contract for over 8 years, we provide the following support:

  • Data Systems Operation – 24X7 support for spacecrafts
  • Network Operations – Mission Planning Support for unique spacecraft
  • Data archival support
  • Mission planning and scheduling
  • Facilities Power Engineering,
  • Geographical Information Systems Engineering
  • Antenna Operations and Maintenance Support at Goldstone facility
  • Occupational Safety & Health Support

Highlights of Experience:
SaiTech’s exemplary performance providing DSN operations and maintenance activities has contributed to the success of several JPL and NASA mission critical events. In just the past year our team has received recognition for outstanding service supporting mission critical 24x7 data systems operations for the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) November 2011 launch, Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) September 2011 launch , and the Juno mission August 2011 launch. SaiTech Network Operation Project Engineers were also responsible for performing mission critical Network Operational Testing prior to the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) launch.

SaiTech’s network operations team performs timely and detailed planning operations support to accommodate every flight project and its unique requirements. Our Data Systems Operations Team (DSOT) provides a critical service in supporting project mission events in support of spacecraft. DSOT is a real-time operation supporting mission activity 24 by 7 days a week. We are responsible for processing, archiving and distributing real-time telemetry, monitor, tracking and command data between the Deep Space Network and individual projects.