SaiTech Awards

Customer Commendations

The following commendations clearly demonstrate our outstanding customer support.
Stennis Space Center Data Center: SaiTech has provided excellent performance in maintaining systems resulting in 99.99% availability for moderate rated systems. Additionally, the contractor sustained 100% successful reconstitution of systems and data for customer restoration requests during the performance period. The SaiTech team successfully completed a project to expand the Stennis Data Center (SDC) Storage Area Network into new customer areas, completed a significant disaster recovery project, and incorporated new applications for mission and Center Operations customers. The SaiTech team also completed the design to incorporate a significant physical security storage system into a consolidated storage environment. The design will provide substantially more storage than originally estimated and migrate the system to a highly available and secure location. (July 2017 Contractor Performance Assessment Report).
DOD / Office of Inspector General Office: The contractor demonstrated exceptional business practices and provided superb interaction with the organization. Demonstrated an exceptional ability to quickly understand the organization structure and ensured the assembly of a cohesive unit of support between the contractor support team and Government personnel.  (April 2011 Contractor Performance Assessment Report).
ITT Exelis / JPL DSN O & M Contract: “SaiTech provides capable and qualified personnel on a full-time basis, working side by side with ITT. SaiTech staffed a wide range of key personnel covering such areas as mission services engineering, data control, network operations project engineering, systems administration, and antenna sub-systems engineering. In consideration of SaiTech’s track record of responsiveness, cooperation and staffing success, ITT awarded additional scope of work to SaiTech on a sole source basis, for the provision of personnel under our summer internship program.”
CSC/ NASA JPL ISAS Contract: “SaiTech completed the transition and assumed full responsibility for all aspects of the ongoing operations in less than 30 calendar days. SaiTech set an impressive record for hiring and retaining incumbent staff. They hired the incumbent staff within 10 days, with a 100% capture rate.  SaiTech gives the utmost importance to employee needs and benefits.”
CSC / NSSC Contract: During their years of support at the NSSC, SaiTech has distinguished itself as a highly responsive, cooperative and efficient subcontractor. They manage cost very effectively and have always been timely in completing assigned support tasks.  In particular, they demonstrated significant creativity and effectiveness in recruiting specialized IT professionals to support the ESD/ESRS, surpassing other companies in the speed with which they filled allotted vacancies with talented local workers.
CSC / NSSC Contract: SaiTech’s Records Management Staff is an invaluable resource to the NSSC.  The Records Manager and Support Team’s knowledge and contributions to the NSSC RM Program has effectively raised the NSSC’s RM Program to a level of support and expertise that will ensure the NSSC is capable of meeting all Agency and Federal RM Program Policy Requirements.”  
DigitalNet / NASA CSOC Contact: “SaiTech engineers have planned and engineered NASA WAN architecture upgrades, and successfully implemented the migration of 450 legacy wide area circuits to ATM network. SaiTech has been an outstanding partner providing technically superior talent and spear-heading cost savings that far exceeded their subcontract costs to DigitalNet. One could not ask for or expect a better relationship than this scenario.”
White House Communications Agency (Mr. Annambhotla): "The members of the White House Communications Agency wish to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding manner in which you provided support to the President of the United States during his May 1995 visit to Moscow, Russia. Your unique abilities, coupled with superb attitude, expertise and professionalism, enabled our agency and NASA to provide critical communications for the President and the White House Staff."